Thermostat Upgrade

Been around for a while and seen a few things?

Chances are so has your commercial refrigeration. Having good quality equipment is great way to avoid downtime compared to cheaper equipment but that also means that when something breaks its probably going to be quite dated and possibly obsolete.

One area where this is most common is temperature control. Commercial fridges have come a long way from the old dial thermostat on the back of the fridge. While these thermostats are still in use today they are by no means the best option.

At 1300Fridge we can install new digital control systems that operate to a much finer tolerance and also operate your fridge in a much more efficient way to save you power and money. With fully programmable functions and temperature control down to 0.1 of a degree you can be sure that whatever the temperature needs to be for your product.

A specialist controller installed by 1300Fridge will give you the best possible operation of your commercial fridge.

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