Compressor Replacement

What's the most important part of any refrigeration system you ask?

The compressor.

The compressor is literally the heart of the refrigeration system. The compressor pumps the gas around through the pipes and creates the cooling effect that we all rely on to keep our food, drinks and other goods at the temperature we need them to be. A faulty compressor that has suffered damage or long term 'wear and tear' will affect your commercial fridges ability to cool efficiently. If the compressor is not running at all due to seizure or burn out then your fridge will have no cooling ability whatsoever and without a prompt diagnosis and repair of the faulty compressor, all stock in your commercial fridge could be lost potentially costing you thousands!

At 1300Fridge we have the specialist expertise that you need to get your commercial fridge back up and running quickly to limit the loss to your product and company.

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